It’s not been a good few months for Chris Brown, what with that domestic abuse case involving former partner Rihanna. However, he’s still riding high in the digital music charts this week. How come? It’s down to a YouTube video that’s gone viral called JK Wedding Entrance (above).Basically, it’s a US couple who got married, and sent the wedding party dancing down the aisle in a slick dance routine to Brown’s song Forever. It’s had more than 12.8 million views on YouTube so far. Now Google has been boasting about how it’s helped turn a percentage of those views into sales of the song itself.In a blog post, Google reveals that Brown’s label claimed the song using YouTube’s ContentID tool, and then ran click-to-buy links over it so people could buy the track from iTunes and Amazon.”The click-through rate on the JK Wedding Entrance video is 2x the average of other click-to-buy overlays on the site,” writes Google’s Chris LaRosa and Ali Sandler, pointing out that Brown is now in the top five of both iTunes and Amazon charts.

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