Spotify confirms Chinese launch


We have to confess, the news that Spotify is to launch in China took us completely by surprise. However, it’s official. A Spotify spokesman told us: “we can confirm that we are looking forward to working alongside the TOM Group with the ultimate aim of making Spotify available to music fans across Greater China.”As Spotify becomes more and more of a household name, stories about the company which are only half-true can spread like wildfire. Yet this time, it seems Spotify has been almost Apple-like in its ability to keep this under wraps; and the company is still being incredibly tight-lipped about its plans. Music Ally has spoken to a well-placed source in China who is similarly surprised about the news.Spotify has become a huge success in several European markets, where users love suddenly having access to totally free streaming music on demand. But Chinese internet users have been used to this for years; and now with Google’s music service sanctioned by the labels in China it seems that free streams are now fully entrenched in the country. As this article points out – “Tencent, Sina, Baidu and three main telecom operators including China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom all have their own music online streaming portals already.”In addition Chinese music fans demand Chinese music. Surely prioritising a US launch would have made more sense?

Written by: Music Ally