Apple confirms it HAS approved Spotify iPhone app


iphone-spotifyBig news tonight: Spotify’s official iPhone app will soon be available on the App Store, after Apple confirmed that it has been approved. The app was submitted several weeks ago, and has been the subject of much speculation since then.”The current status as of right now is it’s been approved and we hope to add the app to the more than 65,000 apps on the app store very soon,” an Apple spokesperson tells MocoNews. “We’ve been in constant communication working with the developer and have already notified Spotify that the app will be in the app store very soon.”It’s good news for Spotify, as the app requires a premium subscription to be used – meaning it could spark an uplift in users upgrading to the company’s paid service. The approval will also raise cheers at RealNetworks, which is submitting a Rhapsody app for approval this week. And it’s good news for iPhone users, as the app is rather spiffing.

Written by: Music Ally