Nokia slaps down talk of Comes With Music US launch delay


Earlier this week, reports suggested that Nokia’s Comes With Music US launch has been delayed from this year to 2010 from this year. Is it true? Head of music Liz Schimel says it’s not a delay: “We’ve never announced a specific launch date for the US.”Which is true, although in a keynote at MidemNet this year, Nokia’s entertainment boss Tero Ojanpera did say that “We are looking at the US also in 2009”. We know, we liveblogged it.It’s not necessarily a contradiction though. Here’s Schimel again: “We prefer to announce launches at the point when they’re quite imminent. We pick the moment when we have all the optimised conditions, but it’s not a question of a delay.” So, Nokia WAS looking at 2009 for a possible US launch, but has since decided that conditions there are not yet optimal.Which begs the question, of course, of what those conditions would be. Our hunch: a big operator deal.

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