Two separate opinion pieces on two different sites, but both along roughly the same lines: how does iTunes evolve beyond a la carte downloads? CNET’s Matt Rosoff poses the question “could an iTunes subscription service save the record biz?” and then makes some back-of-a-napkin calculations to claim that 20% of iPhone and iPod touch users might pay for an iTunes subscription service with recommendation features. TechCrunch’s MG Siegler goes further and talks about “the inevitable move of iTunes to the cloud”, saying that the sheer size of movie and TV show files – the HD version of Lost’s fifth season is 28.2GB – will lead Apple to go the streaming route, rather than downloads. “If you buy as much content as Apple and the studios would like you to, you’re going to fairly quickly get into the hundreds of gigabytes and then terabytes range,” he writes. Food for thought.

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