Yesterday saw the release of The Beatles back catalogue as remastered CDs, not to mention the launch of console game The Beatles: Rock Band. Having grabbed a copy of the latter, we have to say we’re hugely impressed with the care and attention to detail that have gone into it. One question though: do The Kids really care?Much of the talk leading up to the game’s release has claimed that yes, they’ll care a lot. In fact, the game has been pitched as the vehicle to bring The Beatles’ music to a whole new generation – i.e. youngsters. And while we wouldn’t be surprised to find out that’s how MTV and Harmonix sold the idea to the surviving Beatles (not to mention Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison), it’s actually a hard theory to swallow.It would be more accurate, surely, to suggest that The Beatles: Rock Band will appeal mainly to a.) existing Rock Band owners of a certain age, and b.) big Beatles fans who don’t have Rock Band but will buy this version. That points to a thirty and fourtysomething demographic – the same people, in fact, who’ll have been lining up to buy the remastered CDs yesterday.This isn’t a criticism. Like we said, the game itself does a superb job of presenting the band’s songs with a mixture of historically accurate and lusciously dreamscape-y visuals. Plus there’s all the unlockables – rare audio and photo material relating to the band’s history. For a Beatles fan, it’s a genuine treat, whether they’re accomplished console-music-game players or not.Now try telling a 16-year-old that if they buy a

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