Lily Allen’s recent blog on music piracy has certainly sparked a helluva debate. James Blunt has weighed in to support her with a letter to The Times newspaper: “Sir, I want to put my hand up in support of Lily Allen. She’s asking British musicians to galvanise over a serious crime: the death of a great British industry – our music business.” Sir Elton John has also backed Allen in a letter to UK business secretary Lord Mandelson.

Meanwhile, the original target of Allen’s ire – the Featured Artists Coalition – has issued a new statement denying its members are blase about file-sharing. “This is not the case and never has been,” it says. “However, we seriously question the wisdom of seeking to deal with this problem by terminating the Internet connections of individual music fans.” The FAC has also called for new independent research into the scale of file-sharing, and says that talks have broken down with the labels over taking a united approach to the UK government’s anti-piracy plans.

And just for a surreal twist, Lily Allen has now set up a blog – It’s Not Alright – to outline her views on piracy and pull in other artists who support them. Except opponents have jumped on the fact that one of her posts appears to have copied and pasted an item about 50 Cent from existing tech blog Techdirt.

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