All this week, we’ll be running on our blog transcripts of the key interviews for the music metrics feature in last week’s Report. Kicking off today with BigChampagne CEO Eric Garland, who’s been trying to measure online music since the days of the original Napster. Everyone wants data, but they don’t necessarily trust it yet – something Garland puts down to the need for acceptable standards. “The issue is not that you can’t measure on the internet but that we’re in such an early stage of this market that there are no accepted standards,” he says. “The next step is getting agreement about benchmarks. The buzzword things are the ones that will be the hardest to reach consensus around – engagement, word of mouth and so on. “The things we are quite confident in are the things that are non-controversial: all of the transaction-based data such as a purchase, a purchase price, a view, a partial view what constitutes a view versus a partial view…” Source: Music Ally Blog

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Tools: platforms to help you reach new audiences

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Through Music Ally’s internal marketing campaign tracking, we’ve recently discovered an interesting website by the…

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