Earlier this week, US blog Gawker launched a $100,000 competition for genuine, verifiable evidence that Apple is about to launch a tablet device – aiming to undercut the rumours and speculation that have been swamping the blogosphere. It offered hard cash for pictures, video or a hands-on demo. It swiftly received a letter from Apple’s lawyers suggesting that “The information you are willing to pay for, such as photos of a yet-to-be-released product, constitutes Apple trade secrets”. They’re threatening legal action unless Gawker discontinues its ‘Scavenger Hunt’ – but naturally, all the blogs have seized on the letter as proof that a tablet is in development. Roll on 27th January when we can end this charade… Source: Gawker

EarPods and phone

Tools: platforms to help you reach new audiences

Tools :: Wyng

Through Music Ally’s internal marketing campaign tracking, we’ve recently discovered an interesting website by the…

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