According to a new report from Forrester Research, a third of all US internet users now post status updates on sites like Twitter and Facebook at least once a week. Its data also shows that 59% of US internet users are on social networks, while 70% “consume content” on social media and social networking sites. The company has also updated its `Social Technographics Ladder’, which outlines the habits of internet users. 24% are now classed as `creators’ – they publish blogs, upload videos and write articles – while 70% are `Spectators’ who read blogs, listen to podcasts and watch videos but don’t post themselves. 37% are `Critics’ (people can be in more than one category) who post reviews of products or services, comment on blogs and frequent forums. Source: ReadWriteWeb

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Tools: platforms to help you reach new audiences

Tools :: Wyng

Through Music Ally’s internal marketing campaign tracking, we’ve recently discovered an interesting website by the…

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