Fans of Spinal Tap will recall it as “Dobly”, the noise reduction technique that according to one character made heavy metal sound “mixed wrong”. Since the decline of the cassette tapes, though, Dolby has become one of the leading players in digital thanks to both its AC3 digital surround technology and its involvement with the MPEG group that created the AAC format. Now Dolby has introduced Dolby Pulse, a file format designed for mobile which according to its creators offers “up to four times more bandwidth and data rate efficiency at a comparable sound quality to other formats.” Omnifone, provider of the MusicStation service, will be the first company to use Pulse, encoding its 6.5 million track catalogue into the format. It’s unlikely to kill off the MP3 but for devices such as handsets which have limited storage space, Pulse could be a boon.
Source: MarketWatch

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