Discovery is the key for MySpace’s next comeback effort


Having jettisoned CEO Owen Van Natta, MySpace is now focusing on discovery to recapture its mojo in 2010. Specifically, the company’s new slogan will be ‘Discover and be Discovered’. TechCrunch has details of what it means: “The idea is to hit users over the head with new stuff when they come to MySpace. New people they should be meeting. Movie trailers they should watch. Games they may want to play (perhaps against other MySpace users), music they should listen to, articles they should read. Etc.” In other words, MySpace is evolving into a social recommendation engine. The first sign is a new feature called ‘Stream’ – a real-time stream of what your friends are listening to, watching and linking to on MySpace. Source: TechCrunch Source: TechCrunch

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Written by: Music Ally