UK telco O2 has revised its customer service agreements for its broadband service in the UK, which includes explaining how much data customers can use, and its policy on slowing P2P connections. Users of its Basics package get 20GB of monthly data, which rises to 100GB for the All Rounder package and 250GB for The Works. Basics users who exceed 20GB get a written warning. However, O2 is also being open about the fact that it will throttle P2P activity during peak hours – from 100kbps to 50kbps on Basics, from 150kbps to 100kbps on All Rounder, and from ‘as fast as your line can support’ to 250kbps on The Works. Meanwhile, Vodafone Ireland caused a stir last week with a line in its broadband policy saying “The service may not be used for peer to peer data usage”, but now claims this was a mistake.Source:ZeroPaid Source:TorrentFreak

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