In what may be one of the worst ever breaches of the data protection act in the UK, the personal details of over 5000 people have been leaked onto the internet, alongside the names of the pornographic films that they are alleged to have shared online. In fact, reports of numbers and details vary, and some say over 10,000 people were exposed. The ACS:Law site was attacked last week as it’s at the forefront of pursuing illegal filesharers for damages (Bulletin 23rd Sep 2010). When the site reappeared, a file containing the confidential information, including thousands of emails to and from the law firm, was posted on its front page. Torrent Freak breaks the numbers down: over the last two years 11,367 letters were sent out to UK filesharers. 40% never replied and 30% disputed their claim, which means that on average 30% of the accused filesharers chose settlement, paying between

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