Earlier this year, we wrote about a lawsuit against US online advertising firm Triton Media, over ads it supplied to several movie piracy websites. Well, the studios – Disney and Warner Bros – have won the case, and $400,000 in damages from Triton Media. The company was found guilty of ‘contributory copyright infringement’ and ‘inducement to infringe’. So, Triton didn’t host any infringing content itself, but supplied advertising to the sites that did – their main source of income. But having established a legal precedent, what will the studios do next? Google is regularly criticised by rightsholders over its ads being used on pirate sites. The studios (and record labels) would seem to have a stronger case to go after Google now, but this may be channelled into behind-the-scenes pressure on Google to do more to screen sites where its ads are placed, rather than actual lawsuits.

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