Does MySpace Music have much of a future? Reading between the lines of MySpace CEO Mike Jones’ appearance at the LeWeb conference in Paris this morning, it seems not.The company is reinventing itself as a social entertainment service, bringing recommendations for music, TV and other entertainment content to users, tapping into former rival Facebook’s social graph to do so. But where does on-demand streaming music fit in?”My goal is you come to MySpace, you listen to some new bands and connect to those bands,” he said, before suggesting that he expects users to then visit other music stores or services to continue listening to them.“I don’t wanna be the place that replaces iTunes. I wanna be the place where you learn about music and then take that to wherever your music consumption happens.”Jones admitted that MySpace has work to do on its music recommendations, to ensure people aren’t just being served up the Black Eyed Peas and other big trending artists.”We do need to get better at surfacing the music that interests you,” he said. “If we connect you to curators who bring you the best content, your repeat visits go dramatically up.”Next week, MySpace will launch its new iPhone app, which includes a feature to dig into users’ iPod music libraries, to bring them a stream of activity from the bands whose music they own.Meanwhile, he also hinted that MySpace could be interested in acquisitions of innovative mobile app developers, after being asked for his views on iPad music discovery app Aweditorium.”Mobile is one of the more interesting spaces for us,” said Jones. “We’re certainly aware of what those guys are doing.”

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