The MidemNet Lab startup showcase is shaping up as a corker, with 30 finalists across three categories announced today.The categories are mobile apps, B2B, and B2C music services, with finalists chosen by Music Ally to take part in the event during the MIDEM show in January.”Thanks to a diverse selection of companies bringing digital solutions to all sectors of the music industry and coming from all parts of the world — ranging from Finland, Germany, UK to Australia and the US – MidemNet Lab perfectly reflects today’s thriving industry innovation,” says MIDEM director Dominique Leguern.So, the finalists are…Mobile applicationsAirbuzz (France) – music discoveryAmidio (Russia) – music making toolBounce Mobile (UK) – remix toolJammbox (Australia) – music news (USA) – music making toolMix Me In (USA) – cloud music serviceNearVerse (USA) – digital provider for live experiencePlaymysong (Finland) – social music serviceSongpier (Germany) – artists apps developmentSteam Republic (Finland) – direct-to-fan marketingIndustry services (B2B)Audiomagnet (Germany) – direct-to-Fan marketingDecibel (UK) – data managementGigsWiz (Finland) – ticketingInterlude (USA) – interactive video technologyJingle Punks (USA) – music licensingMATIvision (Greece) – live interactive video technologyMerchluv (USA) – (New Zealand) – social music serviceNext Big Sound (USA) – data managementRootMusic (USA) – music marketing on facebookConsumer services (B2C)22tracks (The Netherlands) – music discoveryGeisha Music (Finland) – collaborative music making (Austria) – streaming servicePsonar (UK) – cloud music (Spain) – streaming (The Netherlands) – online radioSongHi (Finland) – music gameThounds (USA) – collaborative music creation platformViinyl (Canada) – music marketingZooz (USA) – music discoveryMore details on the finalists can be found here.Partners for MidemNet Lab – besides Music Ally – include AppCircus, Cap Digital, Finnish Mobile Association, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Marketing, Music 4.5, Startup Academy and Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP).

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