More Spotify US negotiations rumours? You got ’em…


If Spotify gets carpeted for the recent outspoken on-record comments of its biz dev boss, it’ll be ironic, because by our reckoning there have been at least 56 different rightsholder Deep Throats chattering away to journalists throughout the process. CNET has the latest info from ‘multiple music industry sources’, claiming that Spotify has “agreed to place certain limits on the amount of free music it offers here”. That’s presented as a marked difference to Europe, although on this side of Atlantic, Spotify Open already caps free listening to five hours a week. Meanwhile, Digital Music News takes an angle on yesterday’s Citigroup / EMI news, wondering whether it will affect the label’s negotiations with Spotify in the US. “The bank just took the house back, so are you going to do a deal with the squatter?” says one source, referring to Citigroup’s ultimate plan to sell EMI.


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