UK law firm ACS:Law may have shut down (see yesterday’s Bulletin), but that isn’t saving it from some stern criticism from Judge Birss, who is ruling on 26 of the company’s cases against alleged filesharers, following its settlement letters campaign. “Whether it was intended to or not, I cannot imagine a system better designed to create disincentives to test the issues in court,” said Birss yesterday. “Why take cases to court and test the assertions when one can just write more letters and collect payments from a proportion of the recipients?” Birss also took issue with the practice of relating IP addresses to individuals, where an IP address has been identified on a filesharing network. “Even if it is proof of infringement by somebody, merely identifying that an IP address has been involved with infringement [does not make it] clear to me that the person identified must be infringing one way or another.” The case has been adjourned until 16 March. 
Source: TorrentFreak 
Source: Guardian

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