Union Square Ventures VC Fred Wilson has published a blog post that takes a broadside at the “f***ed up system” for buying music online. He explains that he gets his music legally from a combination of eMusic, Amazon, iTunes and Rhapsody. Yet recently, he found that he couldn’t buy the new album by The Streets – despite being available in Amazon’s UK MP3 Store, it was geographically locked. As a result, he turned to BitTorrent. “That took less than a minute compared to the 20+ minutes I wasted trying pretty hard to buy the record legally. This is f***ed up. I want to pay for music. I value the content. But selling it to some people in some countries and not selling it to others is messed up. And selling it in CD only format is messed up. And posting the entire record on the web for streaming without making the content available for purchase is messed up.”

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