Yesterday’s Digital Music Forum East conference in New York saw a panel debate on cloud/streaming music, with MOG and Rdio both asked about Apple’s new subscription rules. “In typical Apple fashion, it’s a little bit vague, and it’s very difficult to get specific straight answers out of Cupertino about what this may or may not mean for our business,” said MOG VP of mobile Anu Kirk. However, both Kirk and Rdio’s COO Carter Adamson said they think Apple will compromise. “For me, the dust is still settling, and I think Jobs extended an olive branch earlier this week,” said Adamson, referring to the Apple CEO’s email response that we covered in yesterday’s Bulletin. “I think we will be able to work it out… If I had that market cap and that amount of cash, I would be playing a much bigger game than just trying to take out the handful of cottage music subscription services.” 

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