US firm Orpheus Media Research has published a survey of 500 people grilling them about their use of music recommendation services, and found that 54% have used one, with 40% using them daily or a few times a week. 77% of the people who have used these services have found songs they like, but 40% say that the recommendations are accurate less than half of the time, while of people who actively look for new music, 22% said it was ‘almost impossible’ to find entirely new music that they were into. 43% of respondents said if they could go to one website to discover new music by matching their current tunes to new artists, they would. Which is interesting, but what Mashable fails to mention in its writeup is that Orpheus has a clear vested interest: it has a music discovery platform called Myna which “uses music to find music, producing higher quality matches and analysing music faster than existing keyword search technology”. Its survey isn’t invalid because of this, but it’s a pretty important fact to be aware of when perusing the results.

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