The headline that made our jaws drop this weekend came from UK newspaper the Daily Mail: ‘Google threatens to destroy not only pop sensation Adele, but Britain’s film and music industries. So why is No. 10 in thrall to this parasitic monster?’ They like long headlines at the Mail. Based on briefings from “many of the key figures in our vibrant and very British recording and digital industries”, the article ferociously slams the links between UK prime minister David Cameron and Google. Sample: “The company wants to plunder intellectual property –songs by Adele and other British singers — so that it can disseminate it free to anyone who logs on to Google anywhere in the world.” Oh, and: “Google has become a global predator ruthlessly gobbling up potential rivals such as YouTube and `stealing’ the creative work of writers, film makers and the music industry.” However, we suspect Google’s lawyers may go after the Mail for the claim that when searching for “the name of a star like Adele… Nine out of the first ten websites which pop up on Google’s search engine are run by pirates who have downloaded Adele’s output and offer it online far more cheaply than official copyrighted sites and High Street retailers.” Type ‘Adele’ into Google and see if you agree. Source: Daily Mail –

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