Amazon claims cloud music service has boosted MP3 sales


In the face of continuing anger from rightsholders over the manner of its cloud music launch, Amazon is trying to persuade them that the unlicensed service is good for their businesses. Amazon’s music team has sent a letter to labels whose tone may raise more hackles. “There has also been speculation that we are looking for licenses for Cloud Drive and Cloud Player. We are not looking for licenses for Cloud Drive or Cloud Player as they exist today — as no licenses are required… Cloud Player is a media management and play-back application not unlike Windows Media Player and any number of other media management applications that let customers manage and play their music. It requires a license from content owners no more than those applications do. It really is that simple.” Ouch. The letter does admit that extra features – such as serving different customers with a single copy to save them uploading their collections – will require licences in the future. The letter also includes the claim that the cloud service has boosted sales on the Amazon MP3 Store, although no figures are provided. Source: Billboard –

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