Grooveshark: ‘There is nothing illegal about what Grooveshark offers to consumers’


US-based streaming music service Grooveshark is under the cosh at the moment, having seen its official mobile app removed abruptly from Google’s Android Market after a complaint from the RIAA. Now the company has hit back, making the app available from its own website, but also penning an open letter to the music industry, published on Digital Music News. “There does appear to be some confusion about whether Grooveshark is a legal service. So let’s set the record straight: there is nothing illegal about what Grooveshark offers to consumers,” writes EVP of strategic development Paul Geller, who makes a distinction between ‘legal’ and ‘licensed’. “Laws come from Congress. Licenses come from businesses. Grooveshark is completely legal because we comply with the laws passed by Congress, but we are not licensed by every label (yet).” He goes on to point out that Grooveshark has taken down more than 1.76 million files and suspended upload privileges to 22,274 users as a result of takedown notices. “In light of the recent misleading press concerning Grooveshark’s application, it is important to make clear that we will defend our service, and the letter and the spirit of the law, in court and in Congress…”

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