In February this year, games publisher Activision canned its Guitar Hero franchise, shutting down the division of the company responsible for it. Now an internal memo has been leaked setting out Activision’s rationale for getting out of music games – but also hinting at future plans to re-enter the genre. “Demand for peripheral-based music games has continued to decline at a dramatic pace. Given the considerable licensing and manufacturing costs, we simply cannot continue to profitably make these games based on current consumer demand,” says the memo, referring to several recent music games whose review scores were high, but whose sales were disappointing. “None of these games succeeded in finding an audience. This is not a matter of lack of quality or poor execution. This is simply a matter of the market running out of appetite for this genre.” However, Guitar Hero may return in the future. “The Guitar Hero brand name remains strong, and perhaps after a cooling period we will revisit the franchise with fresh innovation. But innovation will take time and a deep reconsideration…” Source: Giant Bomb

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