Discovr is one of the most impressive music discovery apps available on iPad so far, and in recent days it has picked up a lot of new fans. David McKinney from its developer Jammbox contacted us over the weekend to report that the app had been downloaded 33,069 times in the last 24 hours, having switched from paid to free. This, despite outages due to Amazon’s cloud problems (see earlier Bulletin story). “We’re interested in gathering data about price elasticity of demand so we have been doing a series of price tests over the last month,” explains McKinney. “Basically we’ve been experimenting with the pricing tiers that are offered by Apple to developers ($2.99, $1.99, $0.99, free etc) and examining the subsequent downloads in each tier.” In the 24 hours that Discovr was free, 50% of those downloads came from Japanese users,, rocketing the app to number one in the free music App Store chart. “We also saw strong downloads in China as well as the usual Western territories,” adds McKinney. Source: Jammbox

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