Cloud storage service Dropbox has become really popular in the last year, with more than 25 million users saving 200 million files on its servers every day. Until now, it hasn’t faced any real scrutiny over potentially piratical uses of the service, since it’s focused more on people syncing their own content- documents, photos and so on. However, that changed over the weekend, as Dropbox wrote to the developer of open-source project Dropship, which was promoted as allowing Dropbox users to download any file to their locker if they had a ‘JSON description file’. The theory: it could encourage widespread piracy on Dropbox. The company’s decision to ask for an open-source project to be taken down has caused ructions in the tech community, but Dropbox co-founder Drew Houston has posted an explanation. “When something pops up that encourages people to turn dropbox into the next rapidshare or equivalent… you can imagine how that could ruin the service for everyone – illegal file sharing has never been permitted and we take great pains to keep it off of dropbox. The internet graveyard is filled with services that didn’t take this approach.” Source: Razor Fast

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