Pandora gets into comedy with 10,000 sketches


US personal radio service Pandora is moving beyond music to comedy. It has announced a new feature: ‘personalised comedy stations’ based on genre and comedian. The service has added more than 10,000 sketches from over 700 comedians, with similar recommendation features to its music offering. “We’ve taken the same approach to comedy as we have to music: carefully and deliberately analyzing comedic ‘bits’ across a very large number of attributes to capture the style, delivery and content of each performance,” explains Pandora’s blog post. “Now, instead of talking about “minor keys,” “falsetto,” and “extensive vamping,” our comedy-analysts capture “odd juxtaposition” (A horse walks into a bar…), “misdirection” and “spoonerisms” (a well-boiled icicle, instead of a well-oiled bicycle)…” Source: Pandora


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