Okay, so rockers Cheap Trick were awesome, but wouldn’t they be awesomer if they were a bit more… mariachi? Don’t answer that question. Yes, the band have gone Spanish for a new version of their hit Surrender, hiring in a mariachi band to add guitarrons and trumpets – not to mention a Spanish section – to the song. The video has been published on YouTube, and all concerned look like they’re having a ball. What’s that? There must be a sponsor involved? You’re too cynical (but absolutely right). The video is promoting the Hornitos Tequila brand, and is billed as a ‘mariachi mashup’. Although as one YouTube commenter has already pointed out: “How is this a ‘mashup’? It’s just an arrangement that includes a mariachi band. Isn’t a mashup two different, existing, complete songs that are manipulated to work together in an unintended but workable arrangement?”

Note: The video has now been removed from YouTube 🙁


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