French copyright protection body Hadopi has published some stats based on a survey of 1,500 people, which it says demonstrates broader support for the French government’s graduated response regime than expected. According to Hadopi, 50% of respondents said that it is a positive initiative, and that it motivated them to access legal content online more often. Meanwhile, of those respondents who had either received a warning letter or knew someone who did, 72% said they had stopped or reduced their illegal filesharing. “These are largely positive results,” said French culture minister Frederic Mitterand, according to Billboard. “Hadopi was a bet; it is now a reality.” Hadopi is now sending out 5,000 warnings a day, although nobody has yet reached the second stage – a court appearance. However, less good news for Hadopi are reports that the private company that gathers the data for these warnings appears to have been hacked, raising questions of data privacy. Source: Billboard – Source: TorrentFreak

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