Netflix now accounts for more peak-hour internet traffic than BitTorrent


Broadband tech firm Sandvine has published its latest internet traffic trends report, revealing which services are hogging upstream and downstream bandwidth in North America. The intriguing finding: Netflix now accounts for 24.71% of aggregate traffic in peak hours, ahead of BitTorrent (17.23%) and YouTube (9.85%) with regular websites (HTTP) at 17.18%. When only downstream traffic is considered, Netflix takes a 29.7% share, ahead of HTTP (18.36%) and YouTube (11.04%). When it comes to upstream traffic in peak hours, BitTorrent accounts for 52.01% though. Sandvine has also published figures for the Netflix-less Europe, where BitTorrent is still the largest traffic hogger during peak hours with a 28.4% share, taking a whopping 59.68% share of upstream traffic. A stat that may well be brandished by rightsholders when seeking to persuade ISPs that it’s in their interest to take more action on this front. Source: TorrentFreak


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