We mentioned yesterday a security breach at the company that gathers data on filesharers for the French Hadopi authority. It seems it was serious enough to force Hadopi to stop taking data from the company, TMG. Hadopi boss Eric Walter tweeted that “par mesure de precaution l’ #hadopi a decide de suspendre provisoirement son interconnexion avec #TMG” (‘Hadopi has decided to temporarily suspend its interconnection with TMG’). With TMG the only company tasked with collecting IP addresses of infringers for Hadopi, that means the graduated response regime in France is facing a bottleneck. Although details are still emerging about the security breach – particularly whether anybody’s personal data has been captured by hackers – the situation will be closely monitored elsewhere in the world by governments, ISPs and rightsholders who may using companies like TMG for their own anti-piracy schemes in the future. Source: Ars Technica

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