Sounds a bit saucy, right? Apple CEO Steve Jobs has waxed lyrical about the iPad spearheading the ‘post-PC’ era, but what does that mean, exactly? Forrester analyst Sarah Rotman Epps has published a blog post giving her view, and it makes interesting reading for anyone thinking about how to make good apps and services for tablets and smartphones. She talks about a shift in computing from stationary, formal, arms-length and abstracted to ubiquitous, casual, intimate and physical. In short, developing good apps and services must take into account the fact that they’ll be used anywhere (ubiquitous); often for short bursts in between other tasks (casual); they’ll be used on a screen in the user’s lap, often in the living room or bedroom (intimate); and the interface is about touch and tilt, but will also start to bring in cameras, voice detection and motion sensors (physical). Source: Forrester

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