When we saw the game title Angry Hipsters on our scan through new iPhone apps this morning, we figured it was just a parody of Angry Birds with hipsters. And lo, it is. “Launch Angry Hipsters at their cultural stereotypes to defeat all that is mainstream. Unlock new hipsters along the way, each with their own ironic personality and obscure new ability,” explains the App Store listing. But there’s another feature that pricked up our ears. The game has “built-in music discovery provided by The Hype Machine. The most respected service that any self-respecting hipster has on play 24/7”. In other words, the game’s soundtrack is being streamed in via Hype Machine, complete with Buy buttons. It’s one of the first times we’ve seen this kind of feature, although as more music services launch APIs for iOS developers to use, it’ll happen a lot more. The downside: there’ll be a data cost for streaming music into a game over 3G – if you lose connection (or are in a plane/tube), the music disappears too. Source: AppShopper

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