We sent out an alert on the UK’s Hargreaves review of IP laws yesterday, so how has the industry responded? BPI boss Geoff Taylor praised the decision to reject “Google’s flawed case for a significant weakening of UK copyright”, and was more measured in his response to the format-shifting elements, saying the BPI will “work with Government to ensure this is implemented in a way that respects the rights of music creators”. He also said the proposed digital content exchange “will require careful scrutiny”. UK Music’s statement also honed in on the need for any new format-shifting legislation to “benefit UK creators”, while pointing out that “many of today’s recommendations are also the focus of European policy-makers”. The Featured Artists Coalition praised the content exchange as “an ingenious carrot” to the stick of the Digital Economy Act’s anti-piracy provisions, but warned of a need for “real transparency in pricing and accounting”. Source: BPI, UK Music, FAC

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