The latest piece of research on music recommendations comes from University of Gloucestershire academic Joel Stamp, with a study called Music Taste and Web 2.0. One of the key conclusions may make several music tech startups sit up and blink: “A perfect music recommendation service neither exists or is truly desired by music fans,” claims Stamp. The study goes on to suggest that particularly for keen music fans, the joy of discovering music “lies in the labour of the task”. The harder they have to work to discover something new and interesting, the better they feel. “Services are falling over themselves to claim that they are the perfect solution to consumers’ music discovery needs. But making a perfect music recommendation service for all users can’t be done.” A counter-argument might be that music recommendation technologies shouldn’t just be aimed at hardcore music fans – indeed, helping more casual listeners unearth new artists with less effort may be the bigger opportunity. Link – Source: Hypebot

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