If you visit one whizzy music website today, make it Anatomy of a Mashup. It’s the work of Cameron Adams, who’s been mashing Daft Punk’s entire back catalogue into a single remix, which is now available on the site. As it plays, a visualiser appears on-screen showing which tracks the different samples come from. “I decided to take my own mashup of Daft Punk’s discography – Definitive Daft Punk – and reveal its entire structure: the cutting, layering, levels and equalisation of 23 different songs,” explains Adams on his blog. “The entire piece is composed from the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology (canvas, audio, transforms & transitions) so you’ll need a newer browser to view it in. I recommend Chrome because it pulls off the best performance with my mangled code. All of the waveform and spectrum visualisation is performed in realtime, so your browser is rendering a music video on the fly!” We sense he’ll be fielding calls from labels soon asking him to do something similar for their artists. Source: The Man In Blue

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