RIAA turns its attention to cloud storage service Box.Net


With its action against Lime Wire now settled, the RIAA is turning its attention to another service that it believes may be hosting infringing content – cloud storage firm Box.Net. A strange choice, you might think, since Box.Net is aimed mainly at businesses looking for a secure way to host, manage and share their files for work purposes. However, the RIAA has filed a declaration to a California federal court supporting a subpoena request as part of a ‘routine pre-release investigation’, with a spokesperson telling The Hollywood Reporter that it’s “too soon to tell what we might do with the information once it is uncovered”. Ars Technica has more details, with the RIAA telling it that the subpoena is all about getting the identities of certain Box.Net users who have “reproduced and are offering for distribution our members’ copyrighted sound recordings without their authorisation”. Source: The Hollywood Reporter Source: Ars Technica


Written by: Music Ally