Facebook and Spotify look set to deepen their partnership in the coming weeks, with Forbes reporting that Facebook users will soon be able to play Spotify music from within the social network, including listening to streams with their friends. True? “We have a good relationship with Facebook in that we have an integration on Facebook Platform that has been valuable in terms of driving engagement with the Spotify service,” Spotify spokesperson Jim Butcher tells us. “We’re continuously working together to make the social experience on Spotify the best it can be and welcome relationships with any company looking to innovate by building more social value into the user experience.”
As the rumour was published, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was talking at the e-G8 conference. “We don’t have the DNA to be a music company or a movie company, but I hope we can help those companies become more social.” He claimed that these creative industries will undergo a similar social transformation that games have in the last three years. “People listen to music with friends… These industries can be rebuilt from the ground up with social.”
Billboard adds some meat to this, claiming that “at least three other digital music services” say they have been contacted by Facebook in the last six months to discuss similar integration to that described in Forbes’ report.
Source: Music Ally Blog Source: PaidContent Source: Billboard

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