Lady Gaga’s manager praises Amazon’s 99-cent offer


Amazon took a fair amount of flak earlier this week when its servers slowed to a crawl under demand for its $0.99 deal on the new Lady Gaga album. We wondered at the time what Gaga’s label would think – something we’re still waiting to find out – but her manager Troy Carter has given his views in a strong email to Bob Lefsetz. “Although we weren’t aware of Amazon’s deal that they were offering, I applaud them for their efforts. Anytime we can get people to purchase music legally, it’s a good thing for the business. I’m sure they’ll be better prepared the next time they do such an offering.” Carter also has a response to Lefsetz’s suggestion that Groupon might have been a better way to offer this kind of deal. “As you praise Groupon, do your research and see how well they did on the Def Jam releases that they worked on. It FAILED. They aborted music for now. It’s all trial and error.” Source: Lefsetz Letter


Written by: Music Ally