NPD Group hails increase in US mobile music listening


2010 saw nine million new mobile music listeners in the US, according to a survey conducted by NPD Group. It says that 17% of US internet users listened to music on their phones in 2010, up from 12% in 2009, thanks to booming smartphone sales and new options for music listening on those handsets. NPD also says that streaming, downloading and listening to music is the second most used utility for iPhones and Android phones, behind only downloading apps. “The number of mobile music users is not only growing, but also includes more women and older listeners — beyond the avid, young, and typically male first adopters – and that means more opportunities to market a wider variety of music to more fans of all ages,” says NPD’s Russ Crupnick. However, NPD warns that eight out of ten consumers are listening to music on their phones without paying – i.e. listening to their own collections.

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