Vodafone relaunches its music service


Operator group Vodafone has revamped and relaunched its music service, which will now run across online, Android and BlackBerry handsets. The focus remains on MP3 track bundles – in the UK, it’s selling four tracks for £2.50, 10 for £5 and 25 songs for £10, as part of a monthly subscription. As a comparison, Spotify’s new download store is selling ten songs for £7.99. Tracks can be re-downloaded for free from the website and apps, subject to a ‘maximum re-download allowance’. As part of the relaunch, Vodafone has launched a branded version of Songbird’s desktop music player, which lets people play their music, sync with their handsets, and pulls in content from, YouTube and Flickr. For now, the new service is available in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Ireland and the Netherlands. The service is being headed up by Vodafone Group’s head of music Martin Kummer. Source: Vodafone


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