mSpot was early into the cloud music market, but it has just added a new layer of streaming radio features. It’s called Radio Spotter Beta, and combines the cloud storage of the existing mSpot Music service with internet radio stations. How? As people listen to the songs stored in their cloud locker, they’ll be pointed in the direction of internet radio stations playing similar music, to help them find stations that correspond to their tastes. “Radio is still the easiest and most popular music discovery tool – people love its spontaneity and variety. Yet, it can take years to discover the best radio stations,” says CEO Daren Tsui. “We’re giving people a mash up between Cloud music and streaming radio: It’s a great way for people to find new music and enjoy their own – all in one service.” Radio Spotter Beta is initially available as an Android app in the US, with plans to launch on iPhone, PC/Mac and other devices later in the year.

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