NY Times offers more details on Facebook’s music’n’media plans


As we reported earlier this week, Facebook is currently working on beefing up the music and media elements of its site, but by working with partners like Spotify rather than launching its own new content services. The New York Times claims to have more details, saying that Facebook is planning to ‘develop a tab or widget that would display a user’s most-played songs and provide an easy way for friends to hear them’, meaning that this content will be ‘highlighted as a permanent and highly visible part of a user’s profile page’. The report points out that working with external partners means Facebook will be able to float above the need for direct licensing with labels, publishers and other content rightsholders. Author David Kirkpatrick predicts big things for the initiative if Facebook can tie its Facebook Credits virtual currency into it. “Music could be a gold mine, just like games have been a gold mine.”

Written by: Music Ally