SoundHound unveils its new voice-search music app Hound


For much of the last year, US firm SoundHound has been promoting its music identification apps as rivals to Shazam. Now it’s striking off in a slightly different direction with a new app called, simply, Hound. It’s described as a ‘standalone voice-search application’ that lets users find artists by speaking their name into their iOS or Android device. If the app identifies the artist, it brings up a page of information, song previews and access to their lyrics. “The day is coming when voice, not touch, will be the primary means of human-machine interaction,” says CEO Keyvan Mohajer. “People are starting to talk to their cell phones, computers and cars, and this will come to include appliances, refrigerators, homes, individual rooms in homes and more. We’re going to be part of that revolution, and Hound is the starting point.”


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