We wrote about this a few months ago (Bulletin, 28-Mar-11) but Bluebrain’s new album-app has just come out. The National Mall by Bluebrain is an iPhone app that includes more than three hours of music, all pinned to specific locations in the National Mall in Washington, DC. Fans hear the album in different ways depending on how they move around the Mall. “The music has been composed to work specifically in this landscape. So, for instance, at the Lincoln Memorial, as you ascend the steps up to the giant statue, the sound of bells increases to the point where, when you are standing at Lincoln’s feet, they are surrounding you,” explains the band’s Ryan Holladay. It’s bad news for fans who can’t get to the National Mall, of course, but Bluebrain apparently have big plans for the future. “We’re actually starting work on Flushing Meadows in Queens, New York. It’s the site of the 1964 Worlds Fair and has all these amazing, archaic looking structures that have been really a blast to compose to.” Source: Mashable

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