As it gears up for the launch of its Beta this year, Beyond Oblivion is recruiting for a Social Media & Community Manager role, based in London. Beyond Oblivion is a new digital music marketplace that enables the social distribution of paywall free music between licensed devices. Acknowledging that the value of a digital music file is in how many times it is played and not the initial download – Beyond Oblivion license devices and pay content owners royalties per-play on those devices – whether or not the files were legally or illegally downloaded, ripped or shared. The one-off license cost is usually included in the cost of the device i.e. phones, computers, players or pads. No per-download charges, subscription fees or annoying commercials complicating the user experience. Beyond also incorporates social features such as “Gurus” – music experts who create playlists, recommend and add new tracks to the library, aiding users’ search and discovery. Beyond Oblivion’s shareholders include News Corporation, Wellcome Trust, Allen & Company, Intertrust Technologies and CEO Adam Kidron. More details on the job vacancy –

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