On the web, Facebook has built a huge ecosystem for social applications – games being the main beneficiary, but with music also spawning some hits. Remember iLike in its heyday? Anyway, on mobile, Facebook hasn’t done a similar thing, focusing instead on its own apps and mobile website, rather than a platform on which mobile developers can build. That, it seems, is about to change. TechCrunch has the scoop on ‘Project Spartan‘, an HTML5-based platform that will run on the Safari browser on Apple’s iOS devices. The idea: developers will be able to create mobile web apps that run on Facebook’s platform and are paid for using the Facebook Credits system, and Apple will have no control whatsoever. The article suggests that around 80 developers and brands are working with Facebook on the project, including social games giant Zynga, with a launch set for the coming weeks. Anyway, the upshot is that if you’re involved in social music marketing and/or apps, you should probably be pinging your contact at Facebook and asking about what Project Spartan might mean for you.

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