If you don’t have Asymco on your bookmarks lists, it’s well worth adding – every day the site digs into some aspect of the mobile industry in some statistical depth. Its latest post looks to contract iTunes Store music revenues with App Store app revenues. The topline estimates: Apple has paid out around $14 billion to music companies over the life of the iTunes Store, and $2.5 billion to app developers since the launch of the App Store. However, Asymco claims that right now, on a monthly basis music is only generating double the income of apps for Apple, with apps rising fast. “By the slope of the trend lines, it would appear that app income will exceed music income within three years. Therefore, it’s only a matter of time before apps generate as much income (exclusive of advertising) as music.” The site also estimates that every iTunes account has ‘consumed’ about 67 songs and 62 apps. Read more: http://tinyurl.com/5sortyc

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